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    Win-64 bit and premier Cs3


      We have just upgrated our OS to Win-64 bit, though we do not want to upgrade the Cs3 to Cs4 , yet. Is there any way to work efficiently with Cs3 and Win 64?

      thank you

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          I hope that you mean Vista-64 and not XP-64. Many people have gotten CS3 (updated) to run on Vista-64. There have been a few reports of issues, but most seem to have been ironed out. Most of these were driver-related. While not certified for Vista-64, the number of success stories seem to indicate that it can be done, and done well. Regardless of one's OS, PrPro is still a 32-bit app, even CS4.1, so one will not get the full benefit of the 64-bit OS.


          You might want to scan this forum for Vista 64-bit, just to see what some of the problems have been, plus also get some ideas of "fixes," that you might have to be ready to invoke.


          Good luck, and here's hoping that you do not mean XP-64, as there have been tons of problems with that OS and PrPro.



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            Dan Isaacs Level 2

            I know that this is probably not the best advice to give, but CS3 seems to work fine for me on XP64. I have a client who also runs it, and he has encountered no problems that I am aware of.


            Now, Illustrator CS3 is buggy on XP64 (it cannot import PSD files!!) but I have not seen any real problems with Premiere.


            I have heard vague "rumors" of problems with Premiere CS3 and XP64 but, when I tried to find (on these forums and elsewhere) specific information as to the nature of the problems people were allegedly having, I could find none.


            I think that, in some part, as soon as some user says "I have having problem x" and the forum folks find out the person was running XP64 they say, "Ah... unsupported OS. That's your problem." But, as we all know, many people have had the same or similar problems on their fully-qualified XP32 boxes, so such conjecture on the forum falls far short of scientific proof.


            There may be a particular sound card or video card (and this too is conjecture, I don't know) that causes problems under XP64, but that then would be the fault of the card manufacturer, not the OS.


            If you already have an XP64 machine, install it and try it out. Why not?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Hi Dan,


              Glad that XP-64 is working for you. Yes, there were many problems reported. Unfortunately, a lot of those posts are probably history, since the forum change over. You are probably correct that many of the problems stemmed from something else entirely, but quite a few uninstalled XP-64 and went back to XP-Pro and their problems were cured. Obviously, other issues could well have been fixed with a major OS overhaul. I would expect that some were fixed, not by the OS change, but the process of making that change. Same for some, who went to Vista, primarily 32-bit - problems disappeared (with what was it, the 3.0.2 update?). Again, what cured the problems? Could be the OS, or the process of changing the OS. We'll never know.


              There is also the possibility that many did not list enough details for any of us to draw conclusions. You are one of the few folk, who are reporting success. Many of those, for whom it worked add a big "But!" with things like all is OK, but I cannot Capture, edit, Export, etc. Why? We'll now likely never know. I'm just going from the number of posts on XP-64 and Adobe, though they are likely history now.


              We're seeing similar posts regarding Win7 RC and many Adobe programs. Some have had all sorts of problems, but many have loved the OS and the Adobe programs. I think that this shows that issues can go far more deeply, than just the OS version. Throw in some hardware incompatibility, or some driver issues, and who knows?


              Thanks for the comments,



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                Dan Isaacs Level 2

                Well, admittedly I've never really put my XP64 / CS3 combo "through the paces," but I set it up as a test for my client, edited a few mock-projects and was able to report no reason why he should not at least try it on his machine.


                One time, however, I used my XP64 box to re-edit an old Desktop 480x360 project with Lagarith AVI sources, output with DebugMode FrameServer plugin… it worked flawlessly… I mean fast, stable, awesome. I tried it on the quad-core XP64 machine because it was running horribly on my dual-core XP32 machine.


                I only know what I know (if you know what I mean)!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9
                  I only know what I know (if you know what I mean)!


                  I understand completely. I've been told of all of the problems with using FW-800 externals to edit with. To date, I have not encountered any of these.