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    ePUB book 'looses' page content - any ideas?



      I produce Travel Guides using indesign and recently switched to ePub format. I'm currently trying to improve navigation by adding links to chapters within the chapters (anchor based).


      When I export the book for ADE some chapters loose their content, so when you click on the link you get a blank page. If I look at the xhtml for the page it contains onlt the header bit - all the content from <div class="story"> is missing.


      If I take just that chapter and export it to ADE it works fine. So, I'm confused!


      I appreciate this in not strictly an ADE issue but .. any ideas?

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          TonyG22 Level 1

          At last! .. a solution! The answer to my problem is a bit complicated, the problem was (indirectly) caused by me:


          The original book I was converting to ePub was laidout for PDF so, to create the 'new' ePub chapter I had to cut and paste each article into the new file. Instead of pasting the item immediately following the previous one I placed the item at the top of the next (indesign) layout page.

          Fine so far, but if I ran out of pages I inserted extra pages into the layout and this added a new 'End of Story' (#) on the inserted page.


          So I ended up with End of Story markers within the story itself - which caused part of the chapter concerned not to display.


          Thanks to those guys who helped me solve this.