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    Jorge Ledesma
      I am developing an application on Adobe Air and insert a section in the HTML component, the site that I use in this compoente opens a popup window using javascript, but Air does not work, does not open the popup.


      Is there any way to solve this?


      Thank you.
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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          Jorge post the code that opens the pop up in your app. No somos magos x


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            Jorge Ledesma Level 1
            Ok sorry if it was not clear enough.

            I have a system in php that I need in my application through adobe air component of the HTML display in my application, the HTML component that brings you the Adobe AIR browser function, so the php application opens and there is no problem until it click on a button that opens a popup window using JavaScript code.

            The application works correctly in php from a browser, but when the application is used from the browser Adobe Air, does not open the window.

            Thank you.
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              Jorge Ledesma Level 1



              Here I found something that helps me understand what I need to achieve.

              I understand that I have a class called "CustomHost" and refers to a super class called "HTMLHost" I also understand that other class which in this case named "SimpleHTMLBox" and "test.html", but I do not know how to call the class in the application.

              Will you help me please?
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                Joe ... Ward Level 4

                The HTMLHost class is assigned to the htmlHost property of the HTMLLoader class:


                var html:HTMLLoader = new HTMLLoader();

                html.htmlHost = new HTMLHost( true ); //passing in true gives you default browser-like behaviors


                If you are using a custom HTMLHost class:


                html.htmlHost = new CustomClass();



                (Is that your question?)