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    Caching problem


      The below warning is seen alot in our log files, however the image involved is showing fine in the pdf. Any ideas why this is showing in the log?


      <2009-06-15 17:13:55 CEST> <Warning> <com.adobe.document.XMLFormService> <BEA-000000> <ALC-XTG-102-001: [4060] File does not exist: C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\weblogic\user_projects\domains\LCDomain\.\adobe\LCServer1\FormServe r/Cache/1243585622554/PreRender_Cache/repository%3A%2F%2F//dk.optagelse.applicant.adobe/ft u/personalInfo.xdp-Resources/1244711515421/4ffa2294-5078-4d22-9dd2-2aae4e843e2e-Image01>
      <2009-06-15 17:13:55 CEST> <Warning> <com.adobe.document.XMLFormService> <BEA-000000> <ALC-XTG-102-001: [4060] XFAImageService: Image cannot be resolved for node: GuardianCertLogo.>


      The Image involved is used in a fragment, can this cause problems?


      Kind regards