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    Flex and Flash SWF files issue

    CannotCompute Level 1

      I have decided to create a more general posting because my previous error is much broader than I expected --

      First off, is there any foreseen issues with running swf files created from the Flash IDE and loading the into Flex? I have a swf file which runs fine if I run it in the Flash IDE, the browser, the desktop projector, even inside another swf file inside the Flash IDE, but as soon as I load it into Flex I start receiving errors regarding the flash drawing API.  These include but are not limited to: drawPath, GraphicsPathWinding, drawTriangles.  I am new to Flex so maybe I am missing something? I just figured that if the swf would work everywhere else, that if I loaded it into Flex it would work the same way... This also makes me hesitate using Flex because there are some graphical components that I would rather create in the Flash IDE and then load them into Flex, but if not everything is compatible between the two then I will just create everything in the Flash IDE.