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    XSLT and <xfa:datasets>


      Hello.  What I have is....


      a group of fields in XML where I want to keep SOME of the fields and get rid of the others - So I am using the TransformerFactory to tie an XSLT to the submitted XML on my server.


      According to MANY websites about XSLT... "In XSLT you don't remove the elements you want to lose, you copy the elements you want to keep."


      However, if the field(s) in question are not listed in the XSLT - they could be higher up the DOM then other fields, or at the same level as some higher root elements - they are still included.




      If I could somehow get the XSLT to go all the way up to the <xfa:datasets> area, I might be high enough in the DOM to remove these fields.



      When I do the following - <xfa:datasets xmlns:xfa="http://www.xfa.org/schema/xfa-data/1.0/">  - I get the familiar refrain of "Content is not allowed in prolog".  So I remove the xfa info, and get "The prefix "xfa" for element "xfa:datasets" is not bound". 


      Any help whatsoever with this would be greatly appreciated.