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    Dynamic Videos?

    kyle ragaller

      I work for Southern Illinois University and have been given the job to create a video welcoming all the incoming students.  My superior wants me to have instances in the video be personalized to the student its being sent to.  For example, an incoming student would get an email with a url.  He clicks the url and goes to a website that has a few fill-in spaces asking for their name, a photo, and whatever else.  After the info is submitted a video begins playing.  Throughout the video there will be fliers, banners, bus sides, billboards, marquees, etc throughout the scenery with that specific student's info (all content drawn from the filled in info on the previous page).  A bit of a "Greetings" thing.


      I assume to do this I would have to link the video to a database, at least the bits that are personalized.  What directions should I look into and things to remember while shooting the footage, getting the student info to be placed via a database (I dont want to have to edit each individual students video).  I want to make one video but have it be personalized to whoever watches it.  From the videos I have seen, this looks like the app to use.  Am I right?


      Thanks, and I hope someone can help,




      Here is an example of what I am trying to do.


      http://www.cnnbcvideo.com/?nid=bO06BP9s0cm1AuhgOyDs7DIwOTc5ODM-&referred_by=8696 445-hI94oYx


      use the button to the right to customize it again.  Check out the process.  This is what I am trying to re-create.



      this is another example: