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    CS3 is making my m2t files audio go out of sync upon import


      I am using a Matrox Axio LE running Premiere Pro CS3.


      I'm using a Focus enhancements DR-HD100 to record in 720p 59.94 in m2t file format. After importing the clips into CS3 the video and audio is sometimes out of sync by 7-12 frames. It seems to happen with varied lengths of projects and there is no way to tell exactly when the video will go out of sync with the video.


      After speaking with Techs at Focus I have run a couple tests and I don't think that anything is wrong with my DR-HD100s. I can play the same m2t clips that are out of sync in Premiere Pro CS3 in Power DVD and they play back fine. No issues with sync. It appears that Premiere Pro is doing something with the clips upon import that is messing with the sync.

      Any Ideas?