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    Are you ready for HRD?

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      Many will wonder what this is about, a HRD? Quite simply, it is a Hard Rectangular Drive (HRD).


      It seems odd, since all the disks we know of are circular and we now start to talk about rectangular drives. Well, to put your mind at ease, they don't rotate, they are capable of around 500 MB/s transfer rate, they are near silent like SSD's, they can handle around 160.000 IOPS, come in sizes between 80 GB and 2 TB. Just for comparison:


      * 7200RPM SATA drives - ~90 IOPS
      * 10kRPM Serial Attached SCSI drives - ~ 140 IOPS
      * 15kRPM Serial Attached SCSI drives - ~180 IOPS
      * Simple SLC SSD - ~400 IOPS
      * Intel X-25 M (MLC) ~1,500 IOPS
      * Intel X-25 E (SLC) - ~5,000 IOPS

      Just consider what would happen if you put 4 or 6 of these HRD's together in a raid....


      Look here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/06/15/dataslide_berkeleydb/


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