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    adding a component to modify pdf via PDFL



      I have a livecycle service running, converting msword files to pdf.

      I am in the process of configuring a more complex process that will (optionally) assemble other pages onto the pdf, generates a jpg thumbnail and then (finally) assigned reader-extensions rights to the doc.


           convertFromWord -> thumbnail gen -> reader-rights


      I have some application code (acrobat plugin api / PDF library) which modifies pdf documents, adding watermarks.  I would lke to execute this step in between thumbnail generation and the reader-extensions rights are assigned. e.g.


           convertFromWord -> thumbnail gen -> watermark -> reader-rights


      How might I go about incorporating this into liveCycle?

      Is this a custom document component I can write?  Is there an existing service I can adapt?

      Do i need to write this in Java, or can i use my c++ implementation?


      I can't find any reference to any way of being able to modify a pdf within liveCycle using via the official PDF APIs, hence I am hoping someone on this forum can point me in the right direction.


      Thanks in advance