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    Best Possible Laptop (PC) that I can use...


      I have to use a laptop for many reasons, but, if I were to go out the door today and buy one (or online), what laptop is going to be the best to use for projects and what should it have to successfully produce After Effects, Premiere, etc projects?


      oh and on a budget of around 3K...


      I will only come here so all opinions are welcome!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          For 3k, you could sponsor NASA's next trip to the moon... It's a lot of money to throw on a lapi, so you should have no problem finding a good performance machine. Maybe you can wait a few weeks and then the new NVidia chips are available (just read this on heise.de). Of course there's nothing wrong with current ATI or NVidia chipsets, either. Since you have sufficient funding, definitely get a 17/18" notebook. All those pallettes and windows need space. Also definitely max out memory, meaning take the full 4GB you get. There are some notebooks that allow even 8GB, but that seems excessive in terms of power consumption as it will reduce the time you can run on battery drastically. Also they would only make sense with Vista 64bit and that likewise is a bit impractical for mobile use, as it takes longer to boot. The rest should only be of minor consequence. Highend-ish laptops usually have anything from multiple USB ports to HDMI connectors and they use the more powerful processors to begin with. If you need it, finding models with FireWire ports may require a bit of searching, as it's not as widely used anymore as previously. One last thing: from June 26th, Microsoft's upgrade period for Windows 7 begins, so if you wait just that tad longer, you may be entitled to a free upgrade from Vista, when W7 is relesed in October.