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    Transparent swf background -- sequence issue?

    bnther Level 1

      I've been putzing around this morning with something I thought was going to be a fairly easy issue.  But my 4 hour allotment just went out the window.


      I started with a Flash document, set the background to white and then went over to the "Publish Settings" , "HTML" , "Window Mode" and selected Transparent Windowless and then hit OK.  Dropped down to "Publish" and published the .swf


      In the HTML file, I added <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> just above the "embed" tag.  Inside the embed tag I added wmode="transparent" just after the quality="high".  Pretty simple right?...


      Test the file in Firefox, IE and Safari and it's a solid white picture over my gradient background.


      Any thoughts?