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    class extension and AS inclusion at SWF compile

    tedalde2 Level 2

      I've got an existing project that uses a set of classes. Some of the classes extend others. I need to encapsulate/componentize a subset of the (super) classes so that their actual AS class files are no longer needed. However, I still need editable access to the AS class files that are not in that subset.


      The problem is that flash seems to always require an AS class file for the extended class' superclasses. Example: class subclass extends baseclass. In this example, baseclass.as is always required somewhere (as well as anything that baseclass.as might extend). I tried componentizing baseclass.as into a clip/swc/swf. Nothing works; the file baseclass.as is always required at SWF compile time.


      The problem can be seen in the attached set of files. The file.fla contains a component that uses baseclass.as. subclass.as extends baseclass and is instanced on the timeline. I'd like to componentize baseclass.as somehow and be able to remove the actual baseclass.as file from the SWF compile process.


      I've tried a number of different things and it seems impossible. This might take some time to analyze, but any help appreciated.