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    Using Tool Tips Property

    ppbpdx Level 1

      I see there is a way to set a tooltip property, however, it is not clear how it works. What I have is a button for which I would like to have a tool tip. If I add it as an action to the Over state of the button the tip comes up but not the way I would expect and it disappears after a while.


      So, what is the best way to set a tool tip for a button?

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          Daniel Chay

          Attached is my design implementation of what you describe.  As long as the tool tip does not appear under the mouse pointer tip, this will work.  Take a look and let me know if there are more questions


          Daniel Chay

          Catalyst Automation Test Developer

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            Daniel Chay Level 1

            Attaching sample again

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              ppbpdx Level 1

              Thanks Daniel,


              It looks as if you created the tooltip using other layer assets and invoking them on rollover. That makes sense to me.


              My original question was about the tooltip property that is in the application. If you click 'add action' on the timeline one of the options is to set a property. Then if you look that the available properties one of them is a string field for a tooltip. Seems really useful, just not clear on how to get it to work as expected.

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                Matt Cannizzaro

                Setting the tool tip property on a component tells the component what the tool tip ought to be if the component decides it needs to show a tool tip, but the exact behavior of the tool tip, including when it is displayed, for how long, and what it looks like is up to the component itself. A standard Flex Button, for example, will display the tool tip only when the mouse pointer has been over it for a certain amount of time, and eventually it will go away.


                This is generally the sort of behavior one expects from a tool tip. If you need to customize it though, you're best bet is to do something similar to what Daniel has done, using roll over states.