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    Selection annoyances


      when i have something selected in the library, and it shows up with the screen with the bounding box around it, i always have so much trouble clicking on it to move it and will get another object 90% of the time.  furthermore you don't know you've got another object selected until you try to move it, then it updates.  objects also don't update when moving 1-2 pixels you have to drag it 3 pixels or more before it starts showing it as moved.  overall it makes it very hard to align something precisely.


      another thing, the assets in the timeline view often arrange themselves in strange orders and there's no way (that i know of) to position them where you want them.  would help to be able to move them up or down so you could arrange your assets in a meaningful way.


      lastly it would be nice to be able to create anchors so that you can move an object for a transition etc then be able to move it back to that same location later.  or if you have assets that need to be held offscreen you can easily move them with simple drop downs: state1, right click picture2 > move to > anchor 4, state2, right click picture2 > move to > anchor 5


      something like that



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          Mark E. Shepherd Adobe Employee

          You can use the up/down/left/right arrow keys to move an item that you selected in the Layers Panel. If you hold down the shift key they move faster. This is the best way to move objects that are difficult to grab with the mouse, for example really small objects, or objects that are behind other objects.


          A number of people have commented on the confusing order of items in the timeline view. We are working on fixing this.


          I've added your 'anchor' idea to our list of good suggestions for timeline features. Thanks for passing it on.