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    How to authenticate Oracle user via Oracle Application Server using only Flex


      We are using Oracle Application Server (10gR2) and I have not been able to find anything on the web how to authenticate users using MOD_PLSQL.  The OAS is running apache and the user/password is hard/coded in the HTTP/HTTPS configuration.  So using MOD_PLSQL and stored procedure I can pretty much access any stored procedure and the result return to flex via HTTP Service.  I've not been able to find any builtin oracle function to verify user/password combination.  The user password, stored in dba_user table, is hashed-combination of user name and etc.  I found a password compare program online and that's what I've been using to authenticate the user/password.  However, I'm afraid that in future release or patch of oracle, the hash calculation might changed, thus my program suddenly stops working.  If you want to keep "everything" as Flex and Oracle AS, is there a way to authenticate users?  I already tried the CONNECT but you can not create store procedure with CONNECT.


      If you go with JDBC, how do you do that in Flex?  Any pointer or even example is very much appreciated.