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    PE7 Trial

    RndmPplPrsn Level 1

      Yes I know its the tiral, and I'm not sure what parameters are exactly cut from the trail compared to the full version, but I have two issues.


      I have been looking for new software and I have come to like this the best, compared to PE 3. I had also liked Vegas Movio Studio.......9, because it seemed very stable, until they both started to give me errors.


      I have had a memory problem in the past with PE 3, among other things, and glitches like this is the reason that I needed to upgrade.


      My two problems, is one, I have AVI files that are read only as audio files in PE, yet they work completely as video outside of it. I had this problem with the third one, but I didn't have the codec then, but now I am sure I do.


      My other problem is PE keeps saying I'm running low on memory, and I just did the fix for it (IncreaseUSerVA and /3GB Options), I have 4 GB of RAM total, and I'm getting this message when my entire system is only using 2GB of RAM.


      Its not the rest of my PC either for I have 250 GB SATA HDD (Internal), 1TB External SATA HDD (external), 3.0 GHz Dualcore AMD CPU, NVIDIA 9800 GT Video Card (512 of RAM), and the 4GB of RAM I had mentioned earlier.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          My guess is that your source video files are at the core of all of your problems.


          AVIs are not all the same. DV-AVIs are the ideal format for editing on a home computer, and these are the files that come from miniDV, tape-based camcorders.


          Other video formats -- like video from still camera -- can use any of a number of codecs, most of which cause the very symptoms you describe. A good indication is a red line that runs along the top of the timeline as you add these files to your video project.


          Where did these AVIs come from?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            You might want to take a look at this ARTICLE in the Tips & Tricks section. Much might well be answered in it.


            Good luck,



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              RndmPplPrsn Level 1

              WellI solved the issues.


              It seems that Adobe just issues that the memory is running low, but its fine.


              And for the avi issues, I use G-Spot, that how I know I have the codec, it appears that the Vegas Trial created additional sound files in the directory, so when I loaded all of the files into PE 7 there were spaces with no files there (At Media Import), but apparently it was those additional sound files. Sorry for the false alarm, as I was also looking in the semi wrong place for files.


              Thanks anyways.