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    Radiobutton class - Help with x position


      Hey all,


      I am trying to apply some changes to the radiobutton component that is standard to flash.


      Basically I want to move the text field inside the component over, so I can drop another one in beside it for Letter distractors ( A) , B), C), etc...). Now I assumed that labelpath was the text object that I was looking for, as I have used it before to apply word wrapping. When i trace labelpath.text it comes up with the text of the label, and when i trace labelpath._x it comes up with 12. When I modify this x value I see no visual change. It does however, acknowledge that I have made the change, as when I trace the _x it comes out as the new amount, and not 12.


      Does anyone have any idea why the component is not recognizing my change? I feel like it has something to do with the way it is being loaded, I have seen these components do some funky things such as tween the text formatting etc... So I am wondering if it is constantly setting the position of that label. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.