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    Unloading actionscript

    flactionscript Level 1
      Hi, Gurus...
      I'm using actionscript to create an outline effect in frame 2 of my 3-frame .fla file.
      When I get to frame 3, the timeline will go back to frame 1 and replay the sequence again.


      Problem: My script stays loaded at the end of frame 3, causing the outline script to continue showing the outline when the .swf loops, instead of starting over and showing the outline when the timeline gets to frame 2 as it did originally.


      Question: How do I unload the script I put on frame 2 at the end of frame 3, so that when I loop, it won't be there until frame 2 again?


      p.s. see attached .swf to see the outline I'm referring to.  It stays there on loop, when it should not.