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    3Gb vs 2Gb Ram

    jazz-singer Level 1


      I'm running premiere elements 7 on a PC quad core, vista sp 2, win 32 system. I recently upgraded my ram from 2Gb to 3Gb. My PC has only 2 slots so i now have 2Gb in one slot and 1Gb in the other. Was this wise or am I better with the original paired 1Gb sticks?



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          It will probably depend on two things:


          1.) your MoBo and BIOS


          2.) the physical RAM that you put into the slots.


          Personally, I am a big fan of paired RAM. I do not even like to mix brands. I would have added 2 2GB sticks, even though you can only really use 3.2GB of that in most instances.


          Are you experiencing any problems? Have you reset your BIOS for your new RAM?


          Good luck,



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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hmm... this is "kind of" a toss up


            On one hand, you have 3G so some things should run faster since they can load into memory


            On the other hand, your un-matched memory sticks are no longer running in dual channel mode, so some things may actually run slower


            You would have to run benchmark software to really tell the difference


            And, to plan for the future... the new i7 motherboards use 3-channel memory, so you need 3 matched memory sticks for best performance