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    Problems Animating for NTSC DV video


      I'm having a huge problem creating animations for a project in Final Cut Pro. It's a short educational video which is set at 720 x 480 Pixel Aspect Ratio with 3:2 Anamorphic Widescreen setting.  I've got a still image that I've added a glow effect to in Adobe After Effects CS3. I used the NTSC DV Preset at 720 x 480. When I import (Quicktime File with Animation setting including Alpha - Millions of Colors + ) into Final Cut Pro the image is aliased badly. I can only assume that After Effects or even Final Cut is changing the pixel aspect ratio or perhaps I have the wrong aspect ratio. I'm not sure as I thought I matched them up properly. I even tried taking basic text in After Effects. Exporting and importing into Final Cut but still I get horrible aliasing. I've even tried the NTSC DV Widescreen Preset, NTSC Preset, creating the comp in a 1280 x 720 NTSC comp and then dropping it into a regular NTSC DV comp. There has to be some integral knowledge I'm missing here. Thanks for any help you guys can give. I've tried googling the answer to this but all I get is an explanation of differen't aspect ratios as I'm not sure how to phrase the problem I'm having.

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          Final Cut Pro has notorious problems interpreting Alpha types (the way transparency is stored in the video file).


          Select the clip in FCP's timeline and go to Modify > Alpha type. I would start by choosing "black".

          Now, I am not sure FCP can handle premultiplied alphas matted against something other than black (suppose you original Background Color in AE was something else)

          So, if changing the alpha type to black doesn't help, try rendering again from AE but this time make sure the Alpha is set in the Output Module as "straight". Then in FCP, select this clip and in Modify > Alpha type, select "straight".


          If it's not this, there could be a field order issue. But check this first.

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            Idirekt Level 1

            It turns out that I made a few mistakes.   The footage is 1280 x 720 at 29.97 FPS. The animations I made were 720 x 480.  I didn't realize this until I put them on my timeline and notice the wireframe outline for the animation was smaller than the footage. Although it is kinda weird as when I check the footage properties in Final Cut it shows that the size is 720 x 480. Strange. And the biggest mistake was that the preview window was not displaying quality due to system limitations. After rendering the animation and resulting composite looks a lot better. Although I the edges are not as crisp as I wish they were it is passable for now.


            Here's the link to the video. I think it looks okay although there's obviously an interlacing issue.