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    Sharing course for editing

      We have built a few courses, and would like to share what we have built to do editing. What is the best way to do this. We have tried publishing to e-mail, but then are not able to open the course, and in one case we were able to open the course but did not have any skins with the forward/backward buttons.

      Any suggestions???
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Fluffy11

          Are you talking about having multiple authors editing the same Captivate project? Captivate doesn't support that. But what you could do is implement what I call "Poor man's source control". It works like this:

          Authors A, B and C
          Project (.CP file) resides on a server
          User A wants to edit:
          1. Send E-Mail to Athors B and C advising they will be editing
          2. Copy project from server to hard drive.
          3. Change name on server to reflect it's checked out. Perhaps ProjectAUNUSE.
          4. Edit project.
          5. Copy project from hard drive back to server.
          6. Delete renamed project from server.
          7. Send "all clear" E-Mail to Authors B and C

          Cheers... Rick