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    Air or Zinc or others


      Hello everybody,


      I am an educational content developper for flash application.


      I have work with a flash programmer to develop the application.


      The development of the application is completed and we are now ready to put it on the market for distribution online this august 2009.


      I am debating if we should use air for the installation. With air the application do not have the capability to maximize (not stretching the window of the application but adding black covering around the window of the application). Our clients will be students and teachers. In order to concentrate on the study or teaching they will need this capability to be available. I know that projector in flash has this capability.


      So my question is...what should we use for distribution...Air or Zinc or others? Also we want to distribute in a secure way...so the students do not make illegal copies. Our application is large, close to 200meg. It do not contains over a thousands graphics.


      To all of you...all the help you could give me with this issue would be greatly appreciated because the flash application that we had developed over the 5 past years will be a great teaching and learning tool for the institution in north america.


      I am not a programmer so I need a lot of help.


      Many thanks

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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          AIR applications can run in fullscreen mode, such that no other part of the desktop can be seen.


          AIR does not supply tools for copy protection, you would have to use a 3rd party installation and copy-protection tool for this. (I don't know whether Zinc offers copy protection or not.)