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    AIR won't install in some Mac OS X user accounts, but does in others

    dsa01 Level 1

      I've been frustrated over a year with trying to get AIR installed on my laptop.  I had beta versions working at one point, but somewhere along the line all attempts to install apps resulted in the dreaded "the application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged" error.  After months of fighting it and following instructions in the numerous threads here, I gave up.


      I'm right back where I started though.  I'm trying to install AIR and TweetDeck.  I get the AIR file is damaged message if I attempt the install in my primary user account.


      Here's the airappinstall.log:



      Starting app install of http://downloads.tweetdeck.com/TweetDeck_0_26.air

      UI SWF load is complete

      UI initialized

      failed while unpackaging: [ErrorEvent type="error" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Unhandled exception Error: Error #2014" errorID=2014]

      starting cleanup of temporary files

      application installer exiting



      Here's the airinstall.log:



      UI SWF load is complete

      stateRunningAppInstaller: appinstaller -runtime "/var/folders/CO/COLPFwJZGACYWWjy3XA3NE+++TI/-Tmp-/airqfNqKN/Adobe AIR Installer.app/Contents/Frameworks" -playerVersion=10,0,22,87 -sandboxType=remote -securityDomain=airdownload.adobe.com -https=false -fromUserEvent=true -- -withRuntime -url http://downloads.tweetdeck.com/TweetDeck_0_26.air

      App installer failed; exit code 7

      begin quitting




      Interestingly, if I log into the Admin account on the Mac, I am able to install and run TweetDeck.  I installed in that account with no problems, but when I go back to my user account the app appears in my /Applications directory, but starting it up just opens the AIR installer which stalls and has to be force-quit to exit it.  The log files show no entries.


      I've uninstalled and reinstalled AIR a dozen times.  Fixed permissions, deleted the /var/folders/zz folder & rebooted, deleted all certificates in the keychain.


      This is driving me nuts.


      Any suggestions please, and before suggesting, that I uninstall, fix permissions, delete /var/folders/zz, check the keychain, please note that I've already done that.  ;-)


      Any ideas?