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    Spry extension to the XHTML namespace DTD statement

      Hi All:

      I have discovered an odd behavior in Dreamweaver when it updates pages tied to a DW template that contains the Spry extension to the XTHML DTD as detailed in the Spry documentation ( http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/spry/articles/best_practices/validating_spry.html).

      I found a way to hide the misunderstood ENTITY information which shows in Chrome, IE, Mozilla, and Safari (basically by shifting the margin of the body tag out of the window and then shifting the div that surrounds my content back into the window using a margin measurement equal to the negative shift). However when Dreamweaver applies the edits made to a template to the templates child page instances, it adds multiple instances of this piece of text from the ENTITY declaration:

      The number of repeats appears to equal the number of edits to the template. If two edits were made, two repeats occur; three edits, three repeats. As the declaration occurs outside the area where the instance begins, DW should not be making any edits in this area whatsoever.

      The edits that resulted in the update to the attached page was the addition of some template parameters.

      Does anyone know why Dreamweaver is violating its own update rules, i.e. modifying content outside its template instance declaration statements? I am attempting to make this site valid, which is why I took the trouble to find a solution of the browser misunderstandings, but if Dreamweaver also has a problem in this regard the site will need to remain invalid. The invalidity causes a problem as it is required to be valid.

      Please advise.


      Skip Keats

      Please see the attached code for showing the problem.