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    Get hostname


      Dear All,

      Thanks in advance.


      I want a script in flex which will fetch the host name form url.

      I have some scripts but it fetched the host name from the host the swf is hosted.


      Let me explain.


      I have my site on  www.mysite.com which embeds a flex swf.

      I have hosted it on another server say.. www.myotherserver.com/assets/flash/app.swf


      I want a script in flex which fetched the host name at runtime.


      Hope this make sense.


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          leybniz Level 4

            import mx.core.Application;
            import mx.utils.URLUtil;

            public static const DYNAMIC_MARKER:String = '[[DYNAMIC]]';


            public static function appContextUrl(includeFolder:Boolean = true):String {
             var url:String = Application.application.url;
             var protocol:String = URLUtil.getProtocol(url);
             var domain:String = URLUtil.getServerNameWithPort(url); 

             if (protocol == 'file')
              return 'http://localhost/';

             var folder:String = url.replace(protocol + '://' + domain, '');  
             folder = folder.slice(0, folder.lastIndexOf('/'));

             // Cut DYNAMIC_MARKER if App built using RSL's
             if (folder.indexOf(DYNAMIC_MARKER) >= 0) {
              folder = folder.slice(0, folder.lastIndexOf(DYNAMIC_MARKER) - 1);
              // cut swf module name
              folder = folder.slice(0, folder.lastIndexOf('/'));

             if (!includeFolder)
              folder = '';

             return protocol + '://' + domain + folder + '/';  


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            greatshri Level 1

            Thank You ,


            Alexander Mazuruk


            But your script give me the host name of the server where my swf files are loaded and not from the browser url.


            Thank you.

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              leybniz Level 4


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                dzeikei Level 2

                I believe you are looking for