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    Mark completed button is not displaying on launch and I know why

    Amal Elaine

      I have a form with two main subforms:  A search subform and a mainContent subform.


      When the form launches in workspace, search is visible and the mainContent is hidden.  This is because we have to require the user to select a customer before displaying the mainContent of the form.  Once a customer is selected, we hide the search subform and display the mainContent subform.


      The mainContent subform is what contains the submit button.  Actually, I have the "true" FSSSUBMIT button hidden and another submit button displayed that will first check if the form validation is correct, and then call the click event of the FSSSUBMIT button.


      So when the form initially launches, we get the informational popup that says "the form does not appear to have a submit button...."   which is true, because at that point the submit button is not visible (because only the search subform is displayed).


      On subsequent opens of the form (for example, if it gets routed to someone for approval), we hide the search and display the mainContent on launch (because the approver should not be able to execute a search).  In this case, the "Mark Completed"  button appears normally, which is understandable.


      Is there anyway I can fake out the form when it first launches to have the "Mark Completed" button display?