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    Flex and dynamic forms from database

    FlexDevNorway Level 1
      Hi, I am a long time reader first time poster. I am developing a frontend for Indesign Server in Flex. My biggest headache right now is dynamic forms read from database and used to enter data into an Indesign doc, and saved back to the database.

      I have been looking all over the internet (at least it feels like it) and I have not found a good solution for this. The biggest problem seems to be putting the data from dynamic forms back to the database. Here I am using WebOrb for the backend, but thinking about Cold Fusion.

      Does anybody know if a component have been made to do this? Do I have to make one myself? And can't the id-field in Flex be dynamic? That would have solved everything. Is this going to be implemented in Flex 4?

      Sincerly and thanks for all the help,
      Per Villy Johansen
      Flex/Indesign Developer
      Konsis Grafisk AS