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    Help!  Moved files

      I am new to Robohelp and I think I just made a big error. I changed the location of the output everytime I generated an updated project, so I wound up with many duplicated files. I decided to consolidate and remove alot of those files. Now when I open up the project, there are many files missing..... How can I clean up my system and fix my projects....will I need to locate and import all of those files? They are all so scattered....

      Thanks for your time in answering!
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum

          All you needed to do was just delete the old outputs. What I am not clear on is what you did with the source files. Did you in fact touch those? If not, all you need to do is create a fresh output and trash the old ones.

          If "source" and "output" are not clear to you, post back.

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            Lochbox Level 1
            Hi Peter,

            Thank you for responding. I believe I toyed with the source files. I also imported many different images and files into 5-6 various folders. When I tried to consolidate them, the path is different now then what Robohelp shows. What do I do since I played with the source folders.... thank you again for your help!
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              three_penguins Level 1
              In an ideal world, you'd have a backup copy of the source files prior to consolidating them. Then you could move or rename the files and folders as needed from within RH. I suspect the problem occured because you may have renamed and moved things manually outside of RH.
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                Lochbox Level 1
                Yes, that seems to be the problem.....but there is no "easy" fix is there.... What is the best way to correct the situation?
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                  three_penguins Level 1
                  Unfortunately it sounds to me like you're in a start over type of situation. There are some project files that could be edited outside of RH using notepad, but that can be dangerous. You'd definately want RH closed if you attempt to edit those files (and make a backup copy first). For example the file root.fpj contains the names and paths to each file in the RH project. Also, if you are working with baggage files the file rhbag.apj controls those. So you might be able to rename things in those two files to match your current site structure. I'd say proceed with caution, but I guess it can't really get any worse.
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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                    I agree. I would start a new project and import topics checking each of them in turn.