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    Adding more scene buttons


      I have searched for this solution but found none so I apologize in advance if there is a disussion regarding my problem.


      I have the main menu, and it has the buttons menu, play all, scenes and then an empty fourth button.


      1)  I cannot delete the fourth button.  How do I?


      2)  I have a scene selection menu and I cannot put a fifth button for the fifth scene on it.   It makes a third menu.  How do I put the fifth button there?


      3)  If I cannot put a fifth button on the scene menu, how do I link it to the second scene menu Adobe created?   That is, I have this second scene menu but no way to get to it from the main menu or first scene menu! 


      Thanks all in advance for your help.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The number of Scene Selection Menus is based on the number of Chapter Markers you have and on the number of Scene Selection Buttons on your Scene Selection Menus' Template. How many Chapter Markers do you have in your Timeline? It sounds as though you want more than PE thinks that you have.


          Which Menu Template are you using?


          As for that "extra" Button on your Main Menu, does it show a title of any kind? Because of the semi-automatic nature of the PE Menuing structure, something must be triggering PE to think that this extra Button is needed. Perhaps looking closely at the Template used will reveal a clue as to what that Button would go to.


          The Menu Templates have a set maximum number of Buttons by design. As no part of any Button can overlap another, there is an upper limit by design. When PE thinks that it needs more, and has used all available in the Template, it creates another Scene Selection Menu to accommodate this overage. Usually, if the Template has more Buttons in the design, than are needed, PE is smart enough to eliminate the unused Buttons. Something is telling PE to not remove the unused Button on the Main Menu and is also not telling PE that an additional Scene Selection Menu (with the necessary number of Buttons) is needed.


          Normally, this semi-automatic Button utilization and Sub-Menu creation works very well. I'm guessing that there is something both missing and also added in your Timeline. More details on the Project and its Timeline should give the clues needed to determine how to fix this.


          I also have to admit that I am not the best person to work on this mystery, as I always author in a program, where one must create every Menu and Sub-Menu and then manually Link all Buttons to their respective Chapter Markers, or Timeline. If I do not have enough Buttons, then I must manually create another Menu with enough, or add Buttons to the Menus already in the Project - all manually. When dealing with PE's semi-automatic nature, I find that it is always smarter, than I am. I think that Steve G. and Paul_LS are smarter than PE, as are some others. Still, if we know the number of Chapter Markers in the Project, and Menu Template used, we should be able to figure out the problem.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Don't worry about the extra button on the template. It will only appear on the final menu if you have a Menu Marker linking to it.


            As for adding a scene button -- that's a bit deeper, involving editing the PSD file that forms the template.


            If you're comfortable doing it, I can tell you how.


            I've written articles for Muvipix.com on editing and creating DVD templates, and there will be a chapter dedicated to it in my latest book. The key is understanding layer sets and naming conventions as well as some comfort with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Thank you for pointing this out to me. Like the OP, I would have assumed that the extra Button would have disappeared at the DVD layout stage. I knew that PE did not use unnecessary Buttons from the Template, but would have had the same question. Now I know WHEN they disappear. Learned something new, and it's not yet 9:00AM here!


              As for the necessary Scene Selection Menu, am I mistaken that PE should normally create these, if the required Chapter Markers are present? I thought that PE did this automatically, but must be mistaken.


              As I stated, I am much more comfortable, when I have to do it all by hand. This "new fangled" semi-automatic route is so over my aged head.





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                apfurste Level 1

                Thanks all for your help.




                Yes, I would love to know how to add a scene, as I only need one more, to the scene menu.   I experience in C++, Javascript, etc so if you were to give me some help on editing the script, I would appreciate it.


                As far as the extra button on the main menu disappearing, it didnt.   When I burned my project, the extra blank button appeared on the main menu.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Hmm. The only reason I can think of for that extra button being there is that you have a Menu Marker for it on your timeline. Preview the menu and click on that button to see where it takes you, then check your project timeline.


                  As for adding another button to the template -- as I said, it's easier to explain in a longer document with pictures, but here are the basics:


                  1) Open the template (PSD) file in Photoshop Elements


                  2) Look for the layer sets (folders on the Layers palette) representing the scene markers


                  3) Drag one of those folders up to the New Layer button at the top left of the Layers palette. This will duplicate the entire layer set.


                  4) Drag the new button to where you'd like it on your template menu page


                  5) Go back to the Layers palette, open the layer set and rename the set and each layer (otherwise they just say "copy" on them)


                  As I've said, it's basic Photoshop stuff -- so, if you know Photoshop, it will make perfect sense.


                  Note that the order of the layer sets in the palette determines the order Premiere Elements builds scene markers from them. So Scene 1 is the lowest layer set, Scene 2 is right above it, etc.


                  The complete how-to article is available on the Muvipix.com products page.


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                    apfurste Level 1

                    Thanks for your help guys.


                    I decided to use a different menu template with five scene buttons and it worked well.  I just changed the background to a custom pic and everything looked good. 


                    I do encounter choppy video as I am going from a dvd to edit and it looks wierd.   (I understand I have to reverse field dominance and deintelace)


                    I HAVE to get a harddrive camcorder as I hear the video is much better looking.    Is that correct?

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                      Paul_LS Level 4
                      I HAVE to get a harddrive camcorder as I hear the video is much better looking.    Is that correct?


                      Well... a high definition hard drive camcorder will give good quality, but then again it is high definition. If you down convert to standard definition then this might be debatable when compared to a good standard definition DV-AVI camcorder. Obviously newer cammcorders have better sensors etc but if you get the same on a standard definition DV model the quality would be probably better because of less video compression in the DV-AVI.


                      And for high definition I think HDV recorded to tape will give better quality than AVCHD recorded to a hard drive or flash memory... again because there is much less compression going on. However, they do use different compression algorithms so you can not directly compare them. The quality difference will be even more noticeable after editing when the video is re-compressed