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    having issues with .fdf's linking to the document they were creating from in reader 9.1


      I run adobe reader in a citrix enviroment. presentation server 4.0 windows 2003 SP1. We have alot of PDF forms on our file server and what users do is open up one type in the data and then click on submit at the top of the PDF then they email the .fdf that is created either to themselves or someone else on the network (this still functions in 9.1). When using AR7.0 and a user would double click on the .fdf it would automatically put the data in the form it was created from but with 9.1 it doesnt, it opens up explorer and wants you to navigate to the appropiate .PDF to insert the .fdf into. I have 3 citrix servers and I have only upgraded 1 to 9.1 for testing. If the .fdf is created in AR 7.0 it will link to the .pdf if you open the .fdf in either 7.0 or 9.1. But if the .fdf is created using 9.1 it wont link the document in either AR 7.0 or 9.1. 

      Any suggestions would be greatly apreciated