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    Flash site that I need to put on a cd...


      I have a flash site that I need to put on a cd. I would like it to to work on PCs and Macs. I've successfully done this before by exporting the movie from Flash as a windows and mac executable, then I burned those and all the other external files and their folders to the cd. This works, and I can access the site on both PCs and Macs.


      I'm looking for something cleaner though. Optimally I would like the external files to be package so they aren't accessible individually. I know I can use AIR to create a universal executable, but I don't want the people receiving the cd to have to download AIR first to view the cd. Any ideas? I've used Director MX 2004 before, but I'm not very familiar with it. is theer anything Director can do to fulfill my needs? Thanks for any info!