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    Cancel Workspace Submission in 8.x

    Ryan Lunka Level 3

      I have a form that when opened in LiveCycle Workspace, the user has an APPROVE and REJECT button.  These are Workspace buttons, created the standard way (by naming the routes from the AssignTask).  Before the form gets sent to either of these, it must be validated.  I wrote all of the validation scripting into the form and if the validation fails (from the preSubmit event) I call:


      xfa.event.cancelAction = true


      This cancels the submission and doesn't allow the form to leave the current user in Workspace until it has been correctly filled out.  It works great.


      The problem is, I discovered that functionality was introduced in XFA 2.8 (Acrobat/Reader 9).  We have a pretty strict business requirement that the system support Acrobat 8.x.


      Does anyone know of an alternative method of accomplishing this that is compatible with XFA 2.6/Acrobat 8.x?




      Ryan D. Lunka

      Cardinal Solutions Group