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    Data centric check-in


      We've had a number of posts here about various issues folks have encountered when trying to use the new data centric features in FB4.  I hope we've been able to help work through most of them!  I'd like to ask, though, about some general thoughts on this set of features.  For those of you who have tried to connect to PHP or ColdFusion or other services, have you been generally successful?  Do you find these features helpful?  If you've worked with Flex in the past, do you find this approach an improvement?  If this is your first time trying Flex, do you find this workflow helpful?  And in general, do you feel that you would be able to build your real-world projects with FB4?  Any other feedback or suggestions for us?


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          Joao Fernandes

          Tim, here is a bit of feedback about DCD


          • data management only supporting int as returntype for method createItem ( signature in the docs is createItem(item:myDatatype):int ) seems a bit limitative. We should be able to return the PK datatype or eventually the bean itself. When we are configuring data management the first thing we pick is the primary key so the wizard should be able to validate if the returntype for createItem match de PK. UpdateItem is also problematic, we are assuming that the bean is saved as is, but if we want to update some additional fields server-side, we have to implement some kind of push so the client is updated. The update signature should be updateItem((item: myDatatype):myDatatype or updateItem((item: myDatatype):*


          • Really don't like the way the services are generated inline and with the endpoint hardcoded. In the past, no endpoint was necessary, even less a full hardcoded one. Since we point it to the services-config, why is there a need to write it in the code? Removing it from the services generated we are still able to run it successfully.



          • Lazy-loaded related objects should be supported, the basic support lazy-loading just for the first level (object itself) is quite limitative because complex objects (with many associations ) will take a lot of time to load every single related object. For small projects it can ok, but not for medium / large ones.


          • The invocation process to service call should be based on events like the rest of the frameworks, flex included, like that we would be able to easily replace the generated code with our own implementation.


          • Forms generation is quite useful, just think it should be more advanced like enabling formatting and validation process.
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            SrinivasAnnam Adobe Employee

            Hi Joao,


                Thanks a lot for detailed description on your issues.


                 And regarding your first issue, DataMangement already allows these kind of signatures that you are requesting for. createItem() can return either the primary key type or the whole VO/Bean itself. For example if my data type is "Movie" & UID/PK is "Name" which is "String", then my createItem can be "createItem(m:Movie):String" or "createItem(m:Movie):Movie".


                Datamangement at is current state also allows updateItem to be flexible. It can either be "updateItem(m:MyType):MyType" or "updateItem(m:MyType):void"


                So, the things which you are requesting for are already available currently. Please let us know if you are unable to use them or hitting any issues while doing so.


                Thanks so much for your time.



            Srinivas Annam - Adobe