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    Unable to download / save


      I have Acrobat Reader 9, and when I attempt to download a PDF document, I am unable to save it.  When I click on "Save as ...", absolutely nothing happens.  I can't find any setting that I have changed.  Anyone know what the problem areas might be that I can check?  Thanks in advance.

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          Have you tried just using the 'Floppy Disk' icon? It's like second from left on the lower toolbar on a PDF Document. It is what I have always used succesfully. SyxPak.

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            Big-Al-Photoman Level 1

            When clicking on the floppy disc icon, nothing happens, just like when clicking on the "Save As ..." option.  It appears that whoever created or posted this series of files for download (subscription download), they used a different method of saving or posting the files.  Normally when we would click on the title link, the display box would open and ask if we wanted to "open" or "save" the file.  These particular files don't do that.  When the title is clicked, the file opens in a web browser, and none of the save options works.  We did eventually discover that if we right-clicked on the title link, we could download the file, with the only problem being that each of the multiple downloads happens to have the same file name, so we really had to watch to make sure we changed it.


            Thanks for your help though.  I'm not sure why they did it this way, but .....

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              Having a similar problem:  Can't download Adobe - the download manager won't let me.  I have tried on two computers, one with windows XP and the other with Vista HP with same results.  What mite I be doing wrong.  I have IE 8 on both.

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                pwillener Level 8

                tbrown17 wrote:


                Having a similar problem

                A completely different problem! It would be better if you start your own topic, and specify what "won't let me" means - do you get an error message? What Reader version are you trying to download?

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                  I am having a similar problem although I get an error message that states " The document could not be saved.  There was a problem reading this document. (26)

                  Mine is a multiple choice exam that the school sent to me. When I opened it, I was told that there are errors and that it couldn't open some embedded fonts. I've been told that no one else had that problem when opening the file.

                  I filled out the form (choosing buttons).  I went to save the exam and got this error message.  It is the same message whether I try to use the floppy disk icon, the file save or file save as choices.  I have even tried to export it to a different format by reading the Acrobat Directions and get the same error.


                  Please help!! I need to turn the exam in soon.

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                    tbrown17 Level 1

                    Hi Oh2nap - I never got an answer to my question on the forum to my saving

                    question either.  I note that several others on that forum had the same

                    question.  I ended up buying another pdf package on other than adobe.

                    Hopefully someone will see & give you an answer.  Maybe the school wiill

                    work with you and send you the exam in another format like word.  Good

                    luck.  Keep askking the school for help.  Sincerely Tom Brown.

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                      Big-Al-Photoman Level 1

                      I'm not sure if the source of the problem was the same in either of your situations, but mine was caused by the option the creator of the PDF document chose when creating the file:  apparently there is an option that prevents users from saving the file once opened.  However, on the page I downloaded the file from, I was able to right click on the link and "save target as" which allowed me to save the file before I opened it.  The version of Reader I am using, however, does not allow me to save a filed in form.  I thought I had a version that allowed that, and I know I was able to save filed in forms before, but ... well, such is life, I guess.

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                        tbrown17 Level 1

                        Thanks Big Al...

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                          oh2nap Level 1

                          Strangely, the school keeps telling me that the document is fine and there are no restrictions on it.  I had to download the Acrobat trial version so that I could fill in the answers.  They just tell me that if I continue to have difficulty, I can always print out the test and mail it in to them.

                          Which apparently is what I will do.   I am still quite confused because in the past, I never had problems with using Acrobat  Reader to fill in forms etc, and saving was fine.


                          Thanks for the suggestions guys!  I have saved the file they gave me because when I clicked on their attachment to open it, it automatically saved when it downloaded or something like that.


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                            ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            oh2nap wrote:


                            Strangely, the school keeps telling me that the document is fine and there are no restrictions on it.

                            Go to file>Properties>Security. What does it say?

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                              oh2nap Level 1

                              Security - none.

                              changes to document, document assembly and template - not allowed

                              fill in form fields - allowed everything else allowed.

                              does that help?

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                                ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                Do you have an option at the top of your screen to "show form fields" or any other messages up there.


                                If I had to make a guess, I'd say that the form didn't contain any fillable fields.


                                Can you post the form so we can look at it (that would make this very easy)?

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                                  SyxPak Level 1

                                  I am reccomending this user at Adobe Forums. I had posted a simple possible solution to someones situation,and do not know how to correctly answer your question/problem but this user has a LOT of successful answers for those with SoftWare probs, Try this : <removed by host>

                                  I got the email addy from this users profile. Bets of Luck. Syx.

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                                    oh2nap Level 1

                                    I checked the original form they sent me and you are correct, it doesn't allow to fill form fields.

                                    When I used Acrobat Pro, I could fill the form- but not save it.

                                    I don't want to post the form because it is an exam.

                                    Thanks for the help!

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                                      tbrown17 Level 1

                                      You might tell them what you found out on your own.  Maybe others are having

                                      the same problem.  The school would nevver admit something might actually be

                                      wrong with their form..

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                                        oh2nap Level 1

                                        Thank you for all of your help.   I told the school about the properties and not being allowed to fill in the forms.  They didn't reply to that.  I ended up printing and mailing the test to them.  Hopefully they got it and I'll hear back in 6-8 weeks.

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                                          I am having the same problem in downloading Adobe Reader.  Attached is the file about the error that occurred.  How to proceed?  Thanks.

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                                            tbrown17 Level 1

                                            Let me know if you get a response from anyone.  Someone on the forum scolded

                                            me for not starting a completely new thread/issue, instead of plugging it

                                            into an existing problem under discussion.

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                                              kkerbau Level 1

                                              Not as yet at this time.  I am new here looking for way to down load the Adobe Reader, please help.  Thank you.