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    MP4 Export Problems- Not in sync, choppy video

    S Kelley

      First things first:


      Dell XPS

      Intel Quad Core Q9400 2.66

      2GB RAM (I'm thinking this could be the problem, I've got 6GB more on order)

      Geforce GTX 280 1GB

      Windows 7 Beta


      When I export a project that is only 1:30 long, it ends up being 30:00 long after AME gets done with it.  This doesn't happen when I export as F4V, just with MPEG4 so far.  The audio plays straight through, and only lasts 1:30, but the video lags and is so chunky that it takes a half hour.  Also, WMP doesn't have the Codec to play the file at all, but it's been opening in QT.


      I'm a total newb with Premiere and have been thrust into it because there is no one else, so I may be missing something that would be painfully obvious to most people who are familiar w/ Premiere.


      I've played with the export settings but haven't been able to fix the issue by trial and error.  So far I've changed the Bitrate, resolution, Frame Rate, Profile, Level, and multiplexer setting (3GPP and MPEG4).  I'm using the DV-NTSC Standard 48 kHz preset, and the source content is in .mov.


      I'm trying to upload videos to Facebook, but they don't accept .f4v, only .flv.  I could try a completely different format, but at some point I need to figure this out, and other formats might have similar problems anyways.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can give!