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    Why is my Javascript Print with button not working?

    jenducati Level 1

      I am using a variable v_Name that is entered in a text box in the beginning of my program so that at the end of the program it is included in a certificate from a widget.


      The  next screen after the text entry box includes the v_Name variable in a caption. The caption is within a box designed for a membership card.

      The name appears fine in the box.

      I then use a button to execute a javascript to print the membership card.

      I have used the command window.print() within the execute javascript within the button properites. But nothing happens. The print dialog box never opens. Is this the correct javascript to use?

      I have tried to preview in a web browser. Doesn't work. I've tried publishing to Flash 8 and to Flash 7. It does not work for either. I went in and changed the script in the publish folder so that the javascript should work in Flash 8. Still did not work.


      I tried the print slide widget on the screen. It works but I don't want them to have to choose a slide. I simply want them to be able to print the screen with the membership card.


      I do not know javascript. Is there a source of simple javascript codes to use in Captivate?