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    using submit buttons in forms


      I have created a form with a submit button which works fine if you have Adobe Standard but I can't get it to work if you just have reader.  The submit button has been changed to submit the full PDF form not just the data.  Do anyone know how to get the forms to work in Reader?

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          pguerett Level 6

          To be able to submit the full PDF the file must be saved locally (in a temp location). Reader does not allow a local save by default. The PDF must be Reader Extended to allow this functionality. You can use Acrobat to Reader Extend the form (if you distribute to < 500 users) otherwise you will have to get a LiveCycle Reader Extension Server license. To do it in Acrobat open th eform in Acrobat, click on the Advanced menu and choose the Extend Features in Adobe Reader option. Just follow the wizard to conclusion. Save the PDF (I always change the Filename to indicate that it has been Reader Extended - filename_RE.pdf). Now use the new file. Note that if you modify the file in Designer you will have to Reader Extend again.