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    Fatal Error occurs at 97% point after encoding and during copy media!?


      I have the following: ASUS P5Q Deluxe/Intel C2Q9550 CPU/8 GB RAM DDR2/ATI HD4870 with 1GB DDR5 VRAM - Using APEv7


      Problem: I have put together an approximately 15GB slide movie show to burn to BluRay. Twice now it has gone through the long 1-1/2 hour encoding process and when it begins copying media it fails at the 97% progress point. I did successfully, author another slide show in BluRay on this PC so I am puzzled. Does anybody have any advice or guidance to offer? The only message I get - as it hangs at 97% - is "Fatal Error". There are no other clues. When I press 'Cancel', It warns me that I have a burn in progress, yet nothing is happening. Any input greatly appreciated.