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    Media encoder hates me...Anybody want to help? I need this file exported within 5 hours.


      So about a month ago I reinstalled media encoder because it decided that it doesn't want to work anymore and would simply give me an error telling me it couldn't open everytime I'd try to use it.


      Now I'm trying to export a premiere file and when I click start que it gives me a warning sign that says "Could not read from source, please check if it has been moved or deleted"


      The only time I moved a I was working with was moving the raw footage from my desktop to a folder on my desktop with the rest of the files I'm using in it.


      When I check the error log file everything appears to be correctly located, I also made sure that the temporary file it creates to export is where it says it is...so I don't know why it's giving me this message.


      I really don't know what to do, I"m about to just delete premiere and media encoder and reinstall both of them soon, in hopes that magically they will work...



      I'm using the mac version too if that makes a difference.