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    Httpservice stopped working from Fx3 to Fx4. Security issues?

    flairjax Level 1

      Is there a reason this call wouldn't work? On the responder I have a result and fault handler, but when debugging neither works.  What is odd is if I run my app on my local machine all is fine, but when deployed to the server it no longer works?  Are there any new security things I need to do in FX4?


      package com.mysite.model.business
          import mx.rpc.IResponder;
          import mx.rpc.AsyncToken;
          import mx.rpc.http.HTTPService;
          public class LoadCloudNodeDelegate extends LoadNodeDelegate
              private var responder : IResponder;
              private var service : HTTPService;
              private var deviceID:int;
              public function LoadCloudNodeDelegate()
              override public function loadData( responder:IResponder, identifier:* ) {
                  // constructor will store a reference to the service we're going to call
                  this.service = new HTTPService();
                  // URI to get data.
                  //this.service.url="assets/data/Nodedata.xml";  // /device/device_data/DEVICE-ID.xml
                  /* PRODUCTION VERSION =================================================*/
                      var urlString:String = "/device/cloud_data.xml?cloud=" + String(identifier);
                     //service.resultFormat = "e4x";
                  /* PRODUCTION VERSION =================================================*/
                  // and store a reference to the proxy that created this delegate
                  this.responder = responder;


              override public function loadNodeCalloutDataService() : void
                  // call the service
                  var token:AsyncToken = service.send();
                  // notify this responder when the service call completes
                  token.addResponder( responder );