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    Sumbitting Forms in Adobe Reader


      I am unable to submit my form using Adobe Reader.  When I hit the submit button, I am prompted to choose a desktop mail application or internet mail application.  I choose desktop and my Outlook account opens.  I see the file attached; however when I hit send, the message closes and I am returned to the original form.  I return to outlook but don't see anything in my sent file or my outbox.  The form owner has also told me that they have not received my responses.


      I tried uninstalling and reinstalling reader, and I also tried repairing reader.  My co-work who users reader only and outlook had no problems. 


      Any ideas?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you have the form and its attached to a message in Outlook and Outlook won't send it, then it appears to be an Outlook problem, not an Adobe Reader problem. Does the "To" field have the proper email address filled out? I'd try to see how much free space you have on your hard drive and make sure you empty out the temp folders.

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            Mimi78218 Level 1

            Thanks for responding.  I checked the email address and it is correct.  I have plenty of space left.  And I have asked around and found that other reader users have been able to send the file.


            In playing around with the file, I noticed that if I save the file to my desktop and then open outlook, and attach the file in Outlook, I can send it with no problems.  It is just when I use the submit button on the form.

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              Mimi78218 Level 1

              Figured it out … something to do with having 2 Outlook profiles loaded on my computer.  Even though I was logged into my personal email profile, the file was being stored in the second profile’s outbox.  As soon as I logged into the alternate profile, the form was sent.


              I’m not sure how to change which profile forms will be sent from, but at least we know where the file went.


              Thanks again for your help!!