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    Restore Lost commands/functions

    FauxtoGuy Level 1

      Lost functionality (from previous versions)


      1. Need to have "Transform" capability for pixels in alpha channels


      2. "Turn Off Path" button/command

      (when paths palette is full, currently need to select path tool, then "Escape" to dismiss path. Earlier versions of Photoshop had a dedicated "turn off Path" button -which could be actioned. Big time saver for production work.


      3. Ability to transform paths in quickmask mode. Some path manipulation options not possible in quickmask.


      4. Option to turn off palette docking (free positioning of palettes that don't snap to nearest.


      New feature requests:


      5. Larger brushes/feathering - with the power of current computers, please allow larger brushes, increase feather option more than 250 pixels


      6. Symmetry vector path creation - A useful tool would be to have paths with a live mirror function - mirror the path across the Y axis as you draw. (even more useful in Adobe Illustrator)

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          Reynolds (Mark) Level 4

          1. Still works as far as I can see, same way as I remember it always working. Command T while in an alpha will transform in the same way as a selection will transform. Same logic, probably the same code


          2. This was replaced, with more intuitive behaviour, I have a vague memory . "Deselect path" is now available by clicking in an empty area  of the paths panel. This is still Actionable and will record as "Deselect path"


          3. What path manipulation options are not available while in Quick mask? Everything, pen, direct selection tool works. Only thing that doesn't is Free Transform path - I can't remember if there was a point where this would take the active path instead


          4. "Option to turn off palette docking" not sure this was ever possible. On this one I agree with you, CS4 does not have the best interface in some respects. Particularly annoying is the auto docking of panels when you are dragging them around. This is slightly clunky 'Macromedia' style interface decisions, and unfortunately I think, no longer controlled by the Photoshop engineers alone.

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            FauxtoGuy Level 1

            1. You're on correct # 1 - this wouldn't work earlier today -must have been some form of pilot error -my bad.


            2. If Path palette has many paths, there is often no blank space to click/de-activate path. Turn-off Path button existed years ago -why not simply restore?


            3. Can't TRANSFORM paths in quickmask as I said. Why not? -useful tool.