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    Unable to Insert Quiz Into Presentation


      I am trying to insert a quiz into a PowerPoint 2003 presentation with heavy use of graphics & backgrounds. When I try to insert the quiz using the Quiz Manager PowerPoint hangs and Windows Task Manager shows that PowerPoint 2003 is "Not Responding". The Quiz does not get inserted into the Presentation.

      I have tested inserting the quiz using PowerPoint 2007 and it works. Although the quiz is inserted very small & I have to resize it.

      Can someone help me to get this to work in PowerPoint 2003?

      Thanks much!

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          AAnkurA Adobe Employee
          Are you able to insert quiz in a new PowerPoint2003 presentation (different from the one that is crashing) successfully?

          If yes i would recommend you to try the following:
          Create a new PowerPoint 2003 presentation
          Select Insert->'Slides from file' and select the presentation which is crashing
          After this import your new presentation will have same slides as the presentation which is crashing
          Add quiz and questions to this new presentation
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            Can someone help me with same problem, I'm using PowerPoint 2002. or else if I use Presenter 6 I cant publish the file locally... need this really urgent, critical project!!!