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    Initial View in a PDF Portfolio


      I have just started using the new portfolio feature, I have four forms that I've combined. I am using the Grid with Preview option to layout the files. When I open the portfolio it always opens to the same page in the second form, how do I change it to open to the first page of the first form?

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          that17 Level 1

          I have now re-created the four forms by splitting the original file into four sections. Created an entirely new portfolio, added the four forms, and it still defaults to the same document (now third file in my ordered list, and fourth section in the original un-split file) initial preview when the file is opened.

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            In the portfolio, select, 'file'  -   'portfolio properties'  -   then selct the 'Initial view' tab. Here you can choose which page the portfolio opens up on.



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              that17 Level 1

              I set up each individual pdf to open to a specific page, that isn't the problem. The problem is how do I set which pdf document my portfolio displays when I first open it (after I close the welcome page).

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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The order in which files in a PDF Portfolio are displayed is set in this way: From the Modify menu at the top of the portfolio, choose Edit Portfolio. In the Edit Portfolio panel on the right, select SPECIFY FILE DETAILS. You can select the sort order of the files from this list: Name, Description, Modified, Size, Compressed Size, or Creation. You could insert a number 01, 02, etc. either before the file name, or in the Description field, which specifies the way you want the files ordered.

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                  I'm sorry Mr. Werner, but the question is absolutely not answered.

                  I am experiencing the same problem than That17, of course together with the same frustration.

                  We can perfectly set which should be the initial page in each PDF file included (this is a PDF file property, not a Portfolio property).
                  We can perfectly set on which field the initial sort of the PDF Portfolio will be.

                  What seems to be not possible is to decide which PDF file from the portfolio will be the one displayed when the protfolio is opened. I have been searching everywhere in the program, but could not find how to set this "Initial file".


                  The only workaround I could find is to create a folder inside the portfolio and put all files except the one I want to be displayed first inside that folder. Then the effect will be similar to what That17 and me want. Of course this is just a lousy workaround and not a real solution.

                  Has somebody found a real solution to this problem?

                  Thank you

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                    Printer_Rick Level 4

                    Initial Sort is Name by default. So the PDFs will display in alpha numeric order according to PDF name. Just by changing the PDF names, you can control the order in which the PDFs are displayed to another user.

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                      freesbee Level 1

                      Ok, we understood that this is the "initial sort", and we also understood what it is for.


                      The problem is that we need to set which is the PDF file initially displayed in the portfolio, nothing to do with the sorting of files.


                      I have done some tests and experiments, and whatever the initial sort I choose, whatever names I give to the PDF files contained in the portfolio, it looks like Acrobat decides on his own which is the file that should be displayed first (in my case it always chooses the same file!!)


                      So the answer from Thats17 (and from me) is absolutely not answered yet!



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                        I think the question has been aswered; but perhaps some further clarification would help.


                        Method one:

                        -Rename your individual PDFs that make up the portfolio in numerical or alphabetical order.

                          - Examples: 01.pdf   02.pdf   03.pdf ... and so on.

                                              A.pdf   B.pdf    C.pdf ... and so on.

                        Since the default is to sort them by 'Name', then both the examples above will sort correctly. If you use numbers it is important that you use a '0' (zero) before single numbers... 01.pdf - NOT 1.pdf or else the sorting order will be incorrect.


                        Method two:

                        - Use any names you wish for the individual PDFs that make up the portfolio.

                        - In the 'EDIT PDF PORTFOLIO' list (accessed by Modify>Edit Portfolio found on the menu bar); click the tab that is labeled SPECIFY FILE DETAILS.

                        - Be sure the box next to 'Description' is checked.

                        - Click in the Description pane area to allow a text entry.

                        - Use 01 ,  02 ,  03 , and so forth so that the order that the pages appear will be the order that you want.  If perhaps the the 10th PDF in the NAME list is the PDF that you want to appear SECOND when viewed; then that Description entry would be 02.


                        In the same SPECIFY FILE DETAILS dialog box, you will see an 'Initial Sort' drop down tab at the bottom.

                        Choose 'Desciption'.


                        Your Portfolio should now appear in the order you wish.

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                          JETalmage-71mYin Level 3

                          Someone is not listening.


                          The question IS NOT ABOUT SORT ORDER. It's about which file in the Portfolio is initially displayed when the Portfolio is opened.


                          I have a Portfolio containing five PDFs. The sort order is determined by a SortOrder field I specified. Upon opening, the Portfolio documents are sorted correctly. But it DOES NOT OPEN with the first file being the one displayed. It opens with the fifth, or third or whatever file being the one initially displayed.


                          In Acrobat 8 there was a specific setting for this. I can't find that setting in Acrobat 9.



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                            driver198 Level 1

                            People are listening, and doing their best to try and help.
                            Remember that most replies are by users - not paid Adobe employees.
                            It isn't courteous to 'YELL' that no one is listening. Yelling is the surest way to alienate help.


                            If you name your files alphabetically, or use numbers as prefixes to your files (as said before 00_file.pdf, 01_file.pdf, etc.) when you drag them in as a group, then the order of appearance will be bases on 'name'; if that's what you choose... so in that respect it is about sort order; and is the typical method of arranging files in a Portfolio.


                            If you wish an Adobe confirmation on that you can read about it here:



                            Meanwhile, since forums are about trying to find answers:

                            Here's a work-around that hopefully will solve your problem.
                            1.    File > Create PDF Portfolio
                            2.    Before adding any files:

                            • Open the 'Edit PDF Portfolio' side bar if it isn't already open
                            • Choose Specify File Details > Initial Sort >Created. You may need to scroll down to see the 'Created' option as it is last in the list.
                            • Choose List View from the Toolbar Menu (2nd icon to the right); to open the empty list.
                            • Open the folder where you have your content; and drag a single file (that you want to appear first when the Portfolio is later opened)
                            • Repeat the previous step, dragging in files one-at-a-time in the order you want them to display, until you have all your files added.

                            3.    You list should apprear in the order that you dragged them in.
                            4.    Save the Portfolio.
                            5.    Close and test.

                            I tested these instructions with 4 different groups of jpeg images, making 4 different portfolios; and it retained the order in each case.
                            Please let other readers know if this works for you.

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                              MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              The answer to your question is the cover sheet. Your cover sheet can actually be an entire pdf file. Just make sure you have your portfolio set to view the cover sheet.

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                                JETalmage-71mYin Level 3


                                Can you explain precisely?


                                Cover Sheet? In Acrobat Pro 9? Where?


                                A search in the Help file returns nothing when searching for "Cover Sheet" or even "Welcome Page."


                                In Acrobat Pro 8, there was an explicit command to set the currently viewed document as the start document.


                                The Help files describe setting an Initial View for a Portfolio; but when you select Portfolio Properties... from the File menu, you get a Document Properties dialog, not a Portfolio Properties dialog. You only get an Initial VIew pane for a document.



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                                  JETalmage-71mYin Level 3
                                  function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                                  Please let other readers know if this works for you.


                                  Driver (and others),

                                  Does not work in Acrobat Pro 9, Windows.

                                  I followed your instructions to the letter, and the Porfolio still insists upon opening to the third document.


                                  Understand, even if it did work, that workflow should not be necessary. One should be able to change the initial view in an already-built Portfolio.


                                  Prior to all this, I even created an additional field, called SortOrder and set the sort order to that. That much works. Again, my problem is not about sort order. But it still does nothing to address the problem of controlling which document is displayed first upon opening the Portfolio.



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                                    I'm having the same problem.I have changed the sort order (use 01, 02, etc.),and the documents are sorted in the order I want but I have not renamed the file. I've used the document security, to see if that will work, and it doesn't on the portfolio level. I really don't want to go through the process of pulling out each file, renaming it, and rebuilding the portfolio. I teach a course, and have 10 portfolios with about 10 or more files in each, and that seems to be the hard way. TIA

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                                      driver198 Level 1

                                      Admittedly, PDF Portfolio has some serious shortcomings when it comes to trying to re-order the content.

                                      The 'easiest' method is probably to:

                                      • Make sure your in Modify -> Edit Portfilio.
                                      • Under the SPECIFY FILE ORDER tab, uncheck everything except for Name in the Columns to Display. This will make the rest easier for viewing.
                                      • Beneath the Columns to Display, click in the empty box where is says Add a column, enter 'Order' as Text and click the [+] button to add the new column.
                                      • Click the check box so that your new 'Order' column appears next to the Name column.
                                      • Double-click in the Order column and enter a number that corresponds to the order you want to have the final appear in. I use increments of 5 so that I can add new files at a later point and not have to renumber the list.... i.e. 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.
                                      • Under Initial Sort choose the Order column you created as the sort order.


                                      Your images should now appear in the order you entered for you list.

                                      Save with a new name (for safety).


                                      I wish it was possible to just drag the images as you can do in a PDF with the Pages showing; but until Adobe adds this feature (helloooooo); this may be your best bet.

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                                        driver198 Level 1

                                        My Bad.

                                        Sorry that the same (incorrect) answer has been offered by me and others.

                                        I kept interpreting the problem as a single PDF portfolio... NOT a collection of portfolios.


                                        ...and yes; it's true.

                                        Even though the Porfolios appeared in the correct order in the list, when I reopened the Portfortfolio it defaulted to showing the first PDF in alphabetical order - not any order I specified.


                                        Now that I finally understand the problem; I will put my efforts into seeing if I can find the answer to the question I kept overlooking by not reading the thread closely enough.


                                        Will report back as soon as I find anything.

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                                          Tram235 Level 1

                                          Thanks. As for your first answer, been there did that. I just want to 

                                          be able to specify opening file and view, much the same way as in 

                                          combine and can't figure it out.


                                          Sent from my mobile telephone. Please forgive any typographical errors.

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                                            driver198 Level 1


                                            For this test, I created 3 separate PDF portfolios, which I named Alpha, Beta, Delta (.pdf).

                                            I then combined these into a new Portfolio called A-B-D.pdf.

                                            As you probably know all too well, no matter how you try to sort the Initial View, it will always default to the alpha-numeric sort... in this case it always opened with this order:





                                            But, let's say I wanted the order to be:





                                            Here's what to do (close any open PDFs first):


                                            1. Open Acrobat Pro (I have v9 Extended).
                                            2. From the Menu Bar choose File > Organizer > Open Organizer.
                                            3. In the left pane, locate the folder where the Portfolio you want to re-order is.
                                            4. If you have more than one portfolio in the folder, highlight the one you want to re-order by clicking once on the file in the Middle Panel.
                                            5. From the top Menu Bar of the Organizer, Click on the [+] Combine Files button.
                                            6. The Combine Files  box will open, and you'll see a notice about the file you selected 'contains multiple files...'. Just click OK.
                                            7. Your separate PDFs that make up your portfolio will be listed in alpha-numeric order... BUT-
                                            8. Click on a PDF and use the 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' arrows at the bottom of the Combine Files window to move it to the order you want.
                                            9. Repeat Step 8 until your list is in the order you want.
                                            10. Click the PDF Portfolio radio button at the top!!
                                            11. Click the Combine Files button at the bottom.


                                            Once combined you will be prompted to save the file; so save with a new name; just to preserve you're original.




                                            Your new ordered PDF will open in Portfolio, and you can make any other changes, such as color, and so forth.


                                            For this test I made 4 different Portfolios, varying the order; and in each case the order was preserved.

                                            It may be a work-around, but it works without having to rename your files.


                                            Let me know if it works for you.

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                                              Tram235 Level 1

                                              It worked, sort of. I was able to reorder the files within a portfolio using the suggestion you made, but the only problem is that it converts all files to PDFs. I wanted to keep the originals in Word or other formats, but otherwise, it was fine. I guess the boys at Adobe don't want, or can't, fix this issue. It is very easy in the Combine Files mode, and I confess I never thought of it this way, but impossible in the Portfolio mode, except for the way you've come up. I've fiddled with it for two months now, and never ever came close - thanks for all of the help. I'll play around and see if I can keep formats the same.

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                                                driver198 Level 1



                                                I thought this solution would get most of the way there; which at least solves the order issue.

                                                Now, additional tweaks will need to be investigated to address the pdf conversion of included assets (ie .doc files).


                                                If you, or others can build upon this core, please share back.


                                                Glad it helped you, and you're most welcome.

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                                                  Tram235 Level 1

                                                  Hey look, it's a 100 yards further down the road. I had given up, and thought there was no way. This is a wonderful solution, and when I get a chance, I'll see what I can do. Here's the deal: I teach a graduate level course in a law school, and students are required to take a document and change it up. That means I need to give it to them in Word, but the readings and background stuff can be in PDF form. I think that I can do the reorganization just as you said, delete the PDF file that gets converted over and then add back the Word document. I haven't had time to experiment with it, since I'm also trying to make a living. Thanks for your help - I hope I didn't sound ungrateful, but even if I can't go any further than this, it solves about 98% of the problem. Thanks, and I really mean that.

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                                                    driver198 Level 1



                                                    No, I didn't think you sounded ungateful in the least bit; and I'm glad we're all further than when this thread began.

                                                    Like you, it's back to the paying work; but I will also try to reinsert docs, etc. as soon as time permits.



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                                                      JETalmage Level 6

                                                      None of this is working to make a single PDF Portfolio open to a specific document.


                                                      I am getting so sick and tired of encountering this problem every time I have to create a Portfolio.


                                                      The current situation is a single Portfolio containing two PDFs. The Portfolio is set to sort according to an Index column I added. The Portfolio does sort according to that order. But again: this is not about sort order. It is about which document opens when the Portfolio is opened in Reader 9. This Portfolio insists on opening to the second PDF, not the first one in the sort order.



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                                                        driver198 Level 1



                                                        Yes, we fully get that it is NOT about SORT ORDER.

                                                        Did you try my detailed instructions (#18 in this thread, dated June 1st)?

                                                        It works.

                                                        Any customization beyond this solution is up to you; but at least it will allow you to have the correct PDF be the one seen upon opening.


                                                        Also, it might be helpful if you posted your PDFs somewhere where they can be examined.


                                                        Hope this helps.

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                                                          Oakland Stroke

                                                          Adobe had best be on this . . .


                                                          I have given up on an elegant solution. What is currently working for me is simply numbering the titles of my documents within the grid icons themselves. So the one I want to be open on initial view is 01 Amazing Doc.pdf, etc.

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                                                            I think I am having the same problem as JETalmage.

                                                            I have a single PDF portfolio with several hundred PDF's, some organized in folders, and some are note.  Sort order is already taken care of.  When I open the PDF portfolio it opens to this screen (attached):


                                                            I would like the ability to select a single PDF to be open in the viewer when the portfolio is opened.  What I really want is my table of contents to be open when the portfolio is open which included links to everything in the portfolio.  I would have thought that I would have been able to do this with the "Welcome Screen", but that doesnt give you any options of links or buttons. 


                                                            Anyone understand my issue?

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                                                              Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                              See this link for how to set a default document on a PDF portfolio.

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                                                                andspence Level 1

                                                                Thanks for the reply Dave Merchant.  This is exactly what I need to do, but my JS console is not acting like these instructions (ie, I am not getting any sort of "reply" after any command).

                                                                Here are my JS Settings:



                                                                And this is what my js console looks like:


                                                                BTW, I am running Windows 7 64-bit, with Acrobat 9 Pro Extended Version 9.4.1

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                                                                  George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                                                                  Click that line of code and hit CTRL+Enter, or the Enter key on the numeric keypad.

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                                                                    andspence Level 1

                                                                    Thank You!

                                                                    I feel a little stupid, but I try and learn something new everyday - this was today's thing.


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                                                                      Just wanted to add my thanks to Driver198 for finding this solution, it did help resolve the problem I was having for an initial display.  And wasn't til I went to add this replay that I saw the forum was in the Mac arena and I work with the Windows version.  Very grateful for finding this solution allowing a time sensitive addition to our agency website.