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    adding a double move transition


      im trying to get a door to slide down and then move back up revealing the new page.... so far i can only get it to go down.


      any help is appreciated,  thanks

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          I would be happy to help you out


          Here are some instructions for an example where a door moves down and up to reveal different contents:

          1. On Page1 draw a red circle and a green circle

          2. Group the circles (I found a bug, this is a work around, so I will explain later)

          3. Hide the green circle by toggling the eyeball in the Layers panel

          4. Click "Duplicate state". You are now in Page2

          5. In Page2, hide the red circle by toggling the eyeball in the Layers panel

          6. On Page2 draw a brown square (the door). Make sure the door is big enough to cover both circles

          7. Position the door up high above the stage

          8. Go to Page1 and toggle the eyeball for the door to make it visible in Page1 as well


          You have have two pages. The door is visible and in the same place in both pages. The door is also up above the stage. One circle is visible in page2 and another circle is visible in Page2


          9. Select the Page1 > Page2 transition in the Timeline panel

          10. Select the door on the stage and click Add Action > Move in the timeline. Do this again so you have two Move bars in the timeline for the door

          11. Position the Move bars so one occurs after the other

          12. Notice there is a Fade bar for each of the circles since they are fading in/fading out. Drag these bars so that they fade right at the junction between the two move effects

          13. Now we need to define how the door moves. Select the first Move bar and change the X, Y values in the properties editor to be x=0, y=600

          14. Select the second Move bar and change the values to be x=0, y= -600

          15. Create a button that navigates to Page2 when clicked



          I have attached an example FXP file



          Note: the bug I found was this. If I did not group the circles then during the animation one of the circles would appear above the door. I logged this bug and it should be fixed in the next beta. I found grouping the circles avoided the problem



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            Tvoliter Adobe Employee

            Example file attached