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    can't see sony reader on Mac


      I have read your help with this and did all I know.  I authorized my Sony reader on a Windows computer and can transfer books from Adobe digital Editions, from my Public LIbrary Overdrive so it is DRM.  But when I plug my Sony Reader in My Mac the ADE does not see my Sony Reader.  It is using the same Adobe ID on both computers, I fixed that.


      What can I do to transfer my library that is DRM to my Sony Reader on my Apple computer.  I have Calibre, but I see that is only for non DRM. 

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          Sony Reader does not support MacOS at this point. There are no drivers, so Digital Editions cannot see it. You can transfer purchased books manually to it, but that won't work for library loans without the driver.

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            macsony Level 1

            Thanks for replying.  So Sony is the one who dropped the ball for MAC?  Can't believe it.  I was so excited because I was able to finally download .pdf books from the Pubic Library to my Apple, but the missing link to Sony Reader is SONY!!!!  Isn't there any third party software out there?  I have looked.  DRM stuff seems to be the problem and they don't seem to like to convert from Apple to Sony.



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              sorotokin Level 1

              Well, it did say that Windows OS is required on the box, right?


              I think Sony is looking into possibility of supporting Mac OS. Just wait.

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                Ray Lawrie

                Hi , glad to see I'm not alone. I am using Calibre on my Apple iBook G4 and had contacted Adobe support for problem of Digital Editions not seeing the Sony PRS 505. So I take it I cant download any DRM books and read them on the 505. I also thought I read on a web site that Sony may provide support for the MAC's in near future, that would be great. I also had similar problems with getting my Sony/Ericsson phone to work with my iBook, had to buy shareware program to allow music files to copy onto phone.  Grrrr its almost enough to make me go back to using a PC........