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    Hidden color profiles


      A profile which appears in Windows/System32/Spool/drivers/color does not appear in the Printer Profile Window of the Print Window.  A second profile does appear there but not in Windows/System32/Spool/drivers/color.  This is after twice rebooting my WIndows XP system, running Photoshop CS3.  Any suggestions, please?

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          Lou Dina Level 3



          On my WinXP system, my default color profile directory is WINNT/System32/Spool/drivers/color.  First check that.  I was on Win XP Home, and it varies from one version to another.  It's probably right the way you have it, but double check to be sure.


          I assume you are printing from Photoshop using "Print with Preview"?  If so, you can instruct Photoshop to select a profile and rendering intent in the PS Print with Preview dialog box and it should find the profiles if they are in the right location.  If you install profiles when PS is open, you may have to shut down PS and restart so it sees them.  If you set the profile in PS's PwP, then turn off color management in your printer driver so you don't do double color management and conversion (butt ugly).


          If you are selecting profiles in your driver, it may or may not see custom profiles.  Not sure, since I always use PS print with preview when printing from Photoshop and select profiles there, or I use the PS print plugin that comes with my Canon iPF6100 printer (which bypasses the O/S completely, uses a 16 bit print stream, and talks directly to the printer...very cool and well thought out).


          It could be you have profiles in the wrong location, your printer driver doesn't see them, you have a  corrupted file, or there is a glitch in the driver installation.  Just guesses.  Also, it could be your driver settings....if you select certain settings, it may just look for the "canned" profiles that were installed with the driver.  Grasping at straws, since I don't know you printer model, settings you are using, what you are using to print, etc.


          Hope this triggers some ideas and investigation that pays off.



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            Ramón G Castañeda Level 4

            Beside the excellent advice you got from Lou, I'll put in my two cents.


            Profiles actually have two names, an external one (what you see under the profile icon in Windows Explorer) and an internal one, which Photoshop and other software like the printer driver read.


            In the cases of custom profiles, those two names often do not match.  This can happen when the external name is changed in Windows Explorer.


            If you were on a Mac, I would tell you to use the ColorSync Utility to look at the internal name inside the profile.  I'm sure there are Windows profile editors that will let you do the same.


            It's entirely possible that the two profile names you see in one place but not in the other could be one and the same profile, its external profile showing in Photoshop and the external name in Windows Explorer.

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              catpearl Level 1

              Thanks but no cigar.  I've been printing color under Photoshop control for years and no problems.  My CS3 version does not include Print With Preview under file, just Print.  (I can and do specify a preview in the Epson 2200 Properties window that pops up from ticking Page Setup in the Photoshop Print Window.)  In the Photoshop Print Window I can/do select the desired profile in the Printer Profile Window which normally works just fine.  My current problem is that I downloaded a new .icm file and placed in it Windows/System32,Spool/drivers/color where it appears along with all of the other .icm files.  It does not, however, appear in the Printer Profile Window on the Photoshop Print Window.  Furthermore, an older .icm file which I deleted from the ......drivers/color file still apeears listed in the Printer Profile Window.  All this after several reboots of my XP Home PC, and even a reset of preferences.  Cosmic whoopee?

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                Lou Dina Level 3



                Sounds like cosmic whopee to me.  I'd be of more help, but my PC crashed and burned two weeks ago.  I just set up a new Mac last night after 30 years of PCs and am completely lost.  I feel like a newborn babe at the moment.  So, I can't fire up the PC to walk through it. 


                Are Ramon suggested, can you view the internal name of the profile?  That's what shows up in Photoshop, not the external name.  Try right clicking on one of your new profiles and see if it gives you the internal name.  If not, ICC Profile Inspector, ColorThink and other utilities will show you both internal and external names.  Could be it.  


                Where did these profiles come from?  Were they downloaded from the internet, custom built, etc?  I am grasping at straws here.  Sorry I am such a fish out of water at the moment.  I'm busy trying to figure out how to drag and drop a file from one folder into another!!



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                  Ramón G Castañeda Level 4



                  David Pogue's  "Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Leopard Edition" is a must-read.


                  http://www.amazon.com/Switching-Mac-Missing-Manual-Leopard/dp/0596514123/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF 8&s=books&qid=1245760336&sr=8-2

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                    Lou Dina Level 3

                    Thanks, Ramon.  I bought that book and his bigger book dedicated to OSX.  I've read through both of them and they are very helpful.