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    jsx 765aa Level 1

      I realise this is a member-based community forum, with no officials or staff in the system to help others with their problems. I reccomend two services that work:


      www.freepdfconvert.com (online conversion that will be sent to your e-mail, no member required, no download required)

      Bluebeam PDF Revu (www.bluebeam.com, download required, no member required)


      I think these services work perfectly well. No problems at all!



      This forum is what i consider-- RUBBISH FORUM! A help/support forum should be like this:


      1. help-ee posts discussion

      2. staff/ support staff reply and solve the case

      3. help-ee resolves problem

      4. other people who have the same problem can see the discussion and get the solution


      but this forum..


      1. help-ee posts discussion

      2. no one else knows how to solve it (only suppport staff know!)


      The is the worst forum. impossible, you know...


      Even playpark forum is better...