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    When I move video clip, my audio clips (unlinked) split ??


      I have separate video and audio clips on the timeline (they are not linked).  When I try to move a video clip (or multiple clips at one time), before I let go of the mouse, the audio clip(s) below the video split, so that they are before and after the moved video clip.  They are not linked together.  How do I move a video clip without affecting anything else?



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          Paul_LS Level 4

          This might be helpful from some of my old notes. The ripple behavior can be overcome by the use of the CTRL
          button. However it depends on whether you press CTRL before or after you start moving the clip. When moving clips
          around in the timeline there are 4 basic types of movement Lift, Extract, Insert and Overlay:

          The first two, Lift and Extract have to do with how the clip is moved OUT of it's current position. To see what I
          mean, hover your mouse over a clip in the timeline, then press and release the CTRL key while watching the status
          text string in the lower left of the application window, you'll see that holding CTRL before clicking and dragging
          triggers the extract behavior (which tells the timeline that there is a gap being created that should be closed)
          but clicking and dragging with no CTRL modifier allows the Lift behavior (which tells the TL to ignore the gap)

          The second two, Insert and Overlay have to do with how the clip is placed IN to it's new position, that is,
          whether it is Overlaid over exisitng footage without any ripple movement or Inserted within the existing footage,
          causing any following media (including that on other tracks) to be rippled forward.

          Since there is no way to lock down tracks in PE, you must always be mindful of what this default rippling behavior
          is doing to overlapping media on other tracks.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Good notes Paul. I always have to "get my head around" working in PE, as the use of the modifier keys is just the opposite in PrPro. I guess that Adobe's product developers asked themselves, "what will the user of each program likely want to do and want to happen?" They went in different directions with these two Premiere programs.


            Think I'll print your notes on a monitor stickly - just to keep me from having to think, when I switch programs.





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              MagicAnt Level 1

              Thank you very much.  I will give those things a try and keep your notes handy.



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                thonline Level 1

                As I try to wrap my head around the implications, maybe an example would help.  Lets say I have an audio track I want to stay as is.  But now I want to move a video clip from one part of the video and put it in at another part of the video so that the video shifts over to make room but nothing happens to the audio.


                From your notes, I can't figure out how that would happen.  If its not possible to happen, is there a way to remove a split, i.e. make the now split audio track a single track again?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  To remove the "split," just drag the sections back together again, or you can go to the first portion of that Audio Clip (let's call it Clip A now), click-drag on the Tail of Clip A to extend it to what you need. You will want to Delete those segments created, when you did the edit to the Video.


                  In PrPro, PrE's big-brother, one can Lock Tracks, so that they are not affected. This is not yet a feature in PrE (PrE 9 maybe?), and PrE assumes that if one edits the Video, they will also want to edit the Audio. This has caused issues for others, as evidenced by this, and several similar threads.


                  Now, the workaround is in the workflow - edit all of your Video, before adding, say a Narration, or music Soundtrack.


                  Here's hoping that Track Locking makes its way into PrE 9!


                  Good luck,